GoPro: Groovin’ the Moo 2014

Each year the regional music festival of Groovin’ the Moo comes to Canberra and give a show that brings the whole city to the wide meadows of the University of Canberra. Where people sit, bake and intensely rock out with their cock out to the various artists, local and international. The tradition of partying till the sun goes down in the middle of the Canberran winter goes back to 2011 when I smashed out an awesome interpretive dance to Art Vs Science’s Magic Fountain. This brings us to June 27 2014. The setting, Channel [V] stage where Robert Delong gave us his Wii remote, Atari controller filled set with all the action captured on my handy little GoPro. Enjoy the footage of DeLong before I lost my group and didn’t find them until the end of the night… Lesson learned: never go rave alone.

The Groovin’ the moo provides the small Canberra community a chance to attend a music festival with big headlining acts without having to spend hundreds of dollars, catch a plane, or road trip for hours on end for a similar experience in a larger major city, such as Melbourne and Sydney. The festival is a fantastic opportunity for local bands, who are given the chance to play a set in the festival. As well as any artists who can enter in the annual t-shirt competition.

Overall the small city of Canberra attracts a less significant crowd than say for example Big Day Out in Sydney. However the smaller crowd provides a fun day that isn’t soured by the overwhelming affects of drugs and alcohol.



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