GoPro: Running the Rainbow Road

The inaugural Swisse Colour Run for the small city of Canberra. The event inspired by the Holi festival also known as the love festival or the festival of colours is an ancient Hindu festival spanning three days around the March full moon. Holi traditionally is to celebrate the going of winter and coming of spring in a perfect rainbow of colours. More recently it has spread around the world and become a day of fun colouring and being coloured. The day consisted of a happiness fuelled run followed by a wet and wildly colour filled DJ set on the lawns of stage 88. The streets of Canberra are closed off to make way for the wonderfully vibrant checkpoints where all the volunteers take to showering people in the powder thrown from buckets. It is sanctioned anarchy and, you could end up looking like a colour chart for the day. Captured the best moments from the colour throws to the joy on the peoples faces on my handy little GoPro.


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