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This is a place where adventures are shared in a hope that it educates, entertains and inspires people to have their own adventures in their lives. You are urged to share my experiences and your own. To live is to share ones life with the people around them and what better way to live than to reach out to the world and tell them your stories, show your photographs and be immersed in your videos. You don’t need money to have a good time, all you need is adventure.

DSC_5656_FotorAn aspiring travel journalist, recently graduated high school and looking to experience the best in life before time runs out. Dominic Soriano resides in the small quaint city of Canberra and has traveled from the dancing streets of South Africa to the neon illuminated country of Japan. These amazing opportunities have given the inspiration and that need for travel, adventure and exploration. With a camera in one hand and an notebook in the other he sets out to find ‘the’ story.

Canberra | Australia

Explore the World, Create Memories and lasting Friendships

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